Adult Classes

It’s never too late to start learning Arabic!

Agape School of Education offers beginner, intermediate and advanced Arabic language courses for adults in Singapore. Our Arabic language classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals interested in business fluency or communication with Arab countries, Arabic businesses and Arabic-speaking partners.

Using a variety of classroom activities, these courses enable participants to build up the four basic skills of language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as developing language acquisition skills.


Beginner Arabic (48 hours / 2 hours per session)
§ Introduction to the Arab World
§ Arabic alphabet, spelling and pronunciation
§ Reading and script information
§ Meet and greet people, and introduce yourself
§ Thank people and respond positively
§ Reply to basic questions
§ Explain where you are from
§ At the airport and passport details
§ At the hotel
§ In restaurants
§ At the bank
§ At the market
§ Numbers
§ Family

Intermediate and Advanced Arabic

Available Upon Request