Curriculum for Arabic Language at Agape School of Education.

Our Arabic language classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals interested in business fluency or communication with Arab countries, Arabic businesses, and Arabic-speaking partners.

Using a variety of classroom activities, these courses enable participants to build up the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as developing language acquisition skills. Contact us now to inquire about specific learning points or requirements. We are here to help you realise your dreams!

Agape School of Education teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

Beginner Arabic

24 sessions x 2 hours per session (Total: 48 hours)

This Arabic language course is for complete beginners. It is designed to enable learners to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic using various examples of everyday situations. At the end of the course, learners should be able to write and read Arabic confidently, speak, communicate and gain a reasonable understanding of spoken Arabic. Written Arabic is almost the same all over the Arab world. But when it comes to spoken Arabic, there are many variations and regional dialects.

This course will cover Modern Standard Arabic but it will also mention the Egyptian, Gulf and Levantine dialects which are considered the main dialects in the Arab world today. Using situations from daily life, students learn to communicate in real time; be it arriving at the airport, booking a room in a hotel, ordering a meal or haggling for a good price, students are exposed to many different situations. Through these courses, we study subjects from the daily life and ways to deal with important situations.

Pre-MSA: Using a variety of classroom activities, this course enables participants to build-up the four basic skills of language and develop language acquisition skills. Grammar is not presented explicitly at this stage.

Beginners MSA: This course aims to enhance the written and spoken understanding of different patterns of nominal sentences. Students are introduced to present and future tenses of verbs conjugated with all pronouns, negation of nominal and verbal sentences and useful basic vocabulary.

Early Elementary MSA: This course expands on the teaching points of the previous level and deals with all essential morphological rules related to verb conjugation, such as weak roots and the ten forms of the verb (in Arabic), as well as the sentence structures. All grammar and morphology presentations are contextualised in relevant situations, which expand on the basic lexicon.

Elementary MSA: This course provides the students with essential newspaper expressions and vocabulary. The course expends on the morphological aspects of vocabulary, participles, comparatives, active and passive voice, and superlative adjectives. This will enable participants to understand and use Arabic in meaningful contexts.

Intermediate and Advanced Arabic

Early Intermediate MSA: This course details sentence formation, compound and complex sentences and related syntax, connectors, clauses and accusatives.
Intermediate MSA: Students will be exposed to different styles of semi-authentic texts with the aim of building a more specialised lexicon and expanding on grammar taught in previous courses. The course also enforces oral and written skills through a variety of classroom activities.

Pre-Advanced and Advanced MSA: In these levels, students are exposed to a variety of texts to enrich their range of more sophisticated vocabulary whilst also widening their understanding of different styles of writing. For example, informative, argumentative, philosophical, scientific and literary styles from different ages and different writers. This variety of authentic texts enables students to have a deeper and more analytical view of Arabic grammar and syntax problems. Students also recycle old structures, enhance, and develop their writing and listening skills. Please contact Agape School for further information on Intermediate and Advanced courses!


Agape School of Education offers beginner, intermediate and advanced Arabic language courses in Singapore