What makes our team of Dedicated Arabic Teachers engaging and successful?

We ensure that our teachers possess sufficient experience, international exposure and of course, a deep love for languages. What sets us apart is our excellent mix of native and non-native speakers, which creates a unique blend of different cultural approaches of pedagogies. This allows our teachers to learn from each other and grow as a cohesive unit.

Tarek E.

Tarek started as an Arabic translator but he slowly realised his true passions lay in teaching. Upon joining Agape School of Education five years ago, Tarek has proven to be a dedicated teacher, rich in cultural knowledge accrued from his wide travelling. His lessons focus on business-related topics, a subject that he has much experience in as he frequently facilitates corporate courses. Tarek also teaches academic courses for secondary and university students. His familiarity with the MOE standards helps him tailor his courses to ensure his student’s success.